Mercedes: Quality Service for a Quality Vehicle

Mercedes: Quality Service for a Quality Vehicle

Mercedes can trace their origins right back to the first petrol driven vehicle when Karl Benz patented the Benz Patent Motor Wagen. They are noted for durability and quality. It is a common sight to see an old Mercedes Benz salon still on the roads after much of the competition has gone to auto heaven. Trusted companies like Mercedes Service Sydney with BWA have on offer a range of different serving options.

Servicing Options.

The following service options are available from Mercedes Service Sydney with BWA.

Air Conditioning.

Mercedes vehicles have an efficient and reliable air conditioning system. However, this will need servicing from time to time, and if there are problems, they will need to be sorted out.

The latest diagnostic systems are available. All the technicians are trained to work on Mercedes and AMG (part of Mercedes) vehicles. The company is also part of ARC. This is the Australian Refrigerant Council. This approves and licenses workshops. Therefore, they are able to work with refrigerant gases according to current Australian Environmental legislation. This requires the correct equipment and appropriate training.

There is an extensive range of spare parts. These are approved OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OM (Original Manufacturer) quality components.

This servicing can cover repairing or replacing a compressor, along with evaporator and condenser replacements. This also covers “re gassing” the whole system. It will all be undertaken according to the exacting standards expected with a Mercedes.

Brakes and Clutch

The clutch and brakes are a critical part of any vehicle. It is important to make sure they are working properly and efficiently at all times. The brakes and clutches on Mercedes and AMG vehicles cover a range of different mechanisms and parts. These include brake discs, brake drums and their possible replacements, brake shoe and pad replacements. This also covers possibly replacing a brake master cylinder, as well as a booster replacement and bleeding the brake fluid.

Again all the work will be done or parts replaced according to Mercedes and AMG specifications.

Mercedes brake fluid is hydroscopic that is in time it will absorb moisture. This will lead to problems with the brakes. Therefore it is important to perform a flush and brake bleed every two years.

Brakes can also be upgraded. These include sports brake discs and adding “racing” brake fluids.

Mercedes and AMG can also supply “low dust” ceramic brake pads to help reduce the dust that can be produced by Mercedes and AMG vehicles. This is a common problem in European automobiles.

Engine Rebuild

A complete engine is possible. This can be according to the manufacturer’s specification or that of the owner.

Fuel Injection Services.

With increasing engine admission standards along with a greater use of computer control in vehicle engines, it is very important that a Mercedes or AMG is tested with the latest diagnostic equipment. On offer is the “Maha 4WD, a single roller chassis dynamometer”. This simulates “drive cycles”. It is a quick and precise diagnostic tool.

Steering and Suspension.

This will cover power steering, shock absorbents, wheel alignment, control arm alignment and a lot more.

Finally, Mercedes Service Sydney with BWA offers full log book inspections along with warranty inspections, pre purchase inspections. This especially applies to European vehicles. There is also “pink slip” three year inspections.

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