Impressive Features of the Latest Mitsubishi ASX Car

Impressive Features of the Latest Mitsubishi ASX Car

The line-up of Mitsubishi models is fairly small, but the Mitsubishi ASX model is among the best of all its cars and is very appealing. The Mitsubishi ASX is a comfortable, keenly priced small SUV car that has been styled attractively. It is an efficient and refined car which offers a choice of diesel or petrol engine, and it is made available to customers with front- or four-wheel drive. It is just 8cm shorter than big named rivals like Nissan Qashqai, and Honda CR-V.

 Stylish and Compact Mitsubishi Cars

Recently the Mitsubishi Motors has introduced the new Mitsubishi ASX Orange on June 23rd. The number of units available are limited and only 180 in number. The cost of owning this edition in Brisbane, Australia would be around AUD 25590. The car is made available with a warranty package of 5 years and in white color. The stylish Mitsubishi Orange edition comes with all-new exterior such as orange front and rear undercover, orange side mirrors and large rear spoiler. The Mitsubishi ASX model is powered by MIVEC engine and it is equipped with automatic air-conditioning and leather seats. It also features multi-info displays as well as touch screen entertainment system in its 2WD as well as 4WD variant.

You can even purchase the new Mitsubishi Lancer to get a phenomenal deal on a new Mitsubishi. It is a well-equipped car that can fit all your needs. Every Mitsubishi car is engineered with excellence, and it is electronically controlled with a 4-wheel drive system. It provides the confidence to people to drive without difficulty in all weather conditions. It is incredibly easy to use this stylish Mitsubishi Lancer as its interior have been completely redesigned. It is a brilliant car that is credited for its affordable price. It is very exciting and thrilling to drive this comfortable car.

Special Offers for Mitsubishi Cars

Special offers can be gained in Australia on Mitsubishi cars Australia wide and both new and used cars are available for sale. The key details of the car are provided for customers to purchase the Mitsubishi models of their choice. The details include specifications like kilometers driven in case of a used car, build date, compliance date and model year. The vehicles undergo thorough inspection both mechanically and visually before they are displayed for sale. Toowong Mitsubishi

There are many car service centers for Mitsubishi cars in Brisbane that take care of all repair and servicing needs.  The servicing could include a tyre replacement, mechanical repair or even air conditioning test. Even basic servicing is done in centres for car servicing Brisbane wide. The staff organizes the work in a manner that you do not have to pay more money, and your vehicle is on the road within no time. They charge only a fixed price for the servicing. The benefits that can be gained by the repair service include a detailed report of the repairs for office records and for you, a full road test, different payment options, and no hidden fees.

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