Factors influencing the popularity of Uber cab services

Factors influencing the popularity of Uber cab services

A report published by the Deloitte Access Economics tried to find out why ridesharing has started overtaking the taxi industry. It found that people wasted an additional 3 minutes to wait for a taxi as most of the UberX passengers are picked up within 4.5 minutes in stark contrast to 8 minutes wait with a regular taxi. There have been over 10 million UberX rides ordered via the smartphone app since the service was launched in 2014 in Australia. Though the Australian Taxi Industry Association believes that regular taxi services have not lost their importance, the reality is that the Uber cars are much cheaper, safe and more economical for a ridesharing service.

Cheap and affordable: Uber service is much cheaper than standard cab service, a major reason being the Uber rideshare gaining in popularity. The report published by the Deloitte Access Economics found that the Uber trips in August 2015 were about 20 percent cheaper than other taxi rides. It says that an UberX ride costing $22.44 can cost about $6 more in a standard cab in Sydney. With this service commuters in Melbourne can save about $4 per trip, $5 in Perth and about $7.5 in Brisbane. This affordability definitely compelled people to switch to ridesharing services than regular taxis.

Safety and security: One of the major negative aspects of catching a standard taxi is the anonymity that lies between the passenger and the driver. The same report found that Uber cars have considerably reduced this risk as both the parties have their respective profiles that can be accessed and checked before deciding on a pickup. The mobile app is successful in eliminating anonymity which in turn reduces the incentive to indulge in any crime and allow ease of reporting any undesirable incident that has taken place.Check out http://keyz.com.au/cars/

Sharing information: Another crucial aspect found in Uber cars is that the commuters are able to share their journey details in real time with their friends and family with the “Share my ETA” option. This feature is extremely crucial in case there is any undesirable emergency case. There are also very strict rules for people who are willing to be Uber drivers in the future along with other vehicle and personal regulations. An Uber driver shall have to be at least 21 years old with a driving license, and these factors contribute to the safety of both the driver and the commuters.

Chances of future growth: Over 60 percent of Uber rides begin in “transport deserts” which are the areas away from 800 meter radius of public commute. The rideshare services also help in reduction of traffic congestion as dependence on ridesharing in place of public transport would imply that an average commuter can afford up to 882 UberX rides every year with additional savings.

With the modern marvel of the Internet and its easy access on smartphones, this slew of technology has completely overtaken people’s daily lifestyle over the last few years. The online cab service has greatly reshaped the standard trips which in turn is facilitating growth of the Uber market.

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